Original Timeline

(Here is where your original timeline and that of the current Creation timeline diverge. What follows is a rough overview of major events. Feel free to message me or comment on this page with things that your characters or any of their incarnations have done in the past.)

To avoid confusion I will continue using the Royal Year (RY) notation from the Creation timeline so you guys can have a better feel of what is different and when.

circa RY -750
Solar depravity and indulgence continues to grow. Spawning centuries of wars between entire directions of Creation, led by the Solars. These are later called The Direction Wars.

RY -740
The groundwork for the manse that would become Spire of the Divergent Dawn is laid down. Intended to be an earth aspected manse to research the use of artificially created pockets of deep wyld.

RY – 690
Spire of Divergent Dawn is completed. At this point it is a small manse solely devoted to study.

RY – 327
Expansions to Spire of Divergent Dawn are completed. Five smaller manses are created and linked to the central manse. Each small manse houses a Reality Engine intended to help contain the more powerful wyld zone at the heart of the central manse.

RY- 320
Spire of Divergent Dawn is brought online.

RY – 176
The Direction Wars end. Creation is left scarred and devastated. Shadowlands are common as are wyld storms.

RY – 151
About half of the Solars and their Lunar mates set out to repair Creation. They divide their forces between each of the five directions and begin eliminating wyld storms and closing shadowlands. It is slow work.

RY – 65
Spire of Divergent Dawn is upgraded further. Its satellite manses are enhanced, the essence conduits to the central manse are reinforced. A second structure is built around the central manse, a massive spire that reaches nearly a mile high. Seven more reality engines are placed within the central manse as the wyld zone in its heart is allowed to grow larger.

RY 0
The Great Contagion arrives. It slowly marches across Creation. Seeming to originate from the hundreds of thousands still extant shadowlands.

RY 136
The Great Contagion continues its slow spread. Its incubation period seems to change to best suit its spread. In a small village its victims might not show symptoms for weeks, months, or ever years. Where in a larger city it will sweep through like a killing wind. On average it has a 99% mortality rate and resists attempts to cure it.

RY 379
The borders of Creation become unstable as the population in the threshold is devastated. Cities begin to empty as there simply aren’t enough people to make them work.

RY 380
I AM transmission network begins to falter. Limiting contact to between major cogence nodes only.
Transmission conduits between the northern cities of Whitewall, The City Under the Mountain (Gethamane in current Creation), Ascension and Spire of Divergent Dawn are reinforced.

RY 631
Spire of Divergent Dawn, Whitewall, The City Under the Mountain, and Ascension now hold 80% of the surviving mortals in the North. Strides to slowing the progress of the Great Contagion have been made. Extending the lives of patients by 10 years or so after infection. The Great Contagion however maintains its 99% mortality rate.
Travel between the different directions of Creation is nearly impossible at this point.
The fabric of Creation is thin. What land isn’t covered by a shadowland is ravaged by wyld storms.

RY 635
Chiaroscuro is evacuated as the looming Fair Folk army begins to break through the defenses. Three massive aerial warships help hold off the onrushing hoard as well as take on the few remaining civilian and military personnel in the city. The Dawn caste Blazing Azure Sky is pivotal in holding back a breach in the defenses long enough to extract the last civilians.
The Golden Spire in the city is set to overload as the warships reach a safe distance and the city and its surroundings are leveled and turned into a vast plain of boiling glass. Annihilating the Fair Folk army that had besieged the city.

RY 640
Contact with the remaining cities in the South is lost.

RY 652
Contact with the remaining cities in the West is lost.

RY 698
Contact with the remaining cities in the East is lost.

RY 723
Reports of Fair Folk are relayed from Meru and the Blessed Isle.
The Sword of Creation is destroyed by an unknown saboteur.
Contact with the Blessed Isle is lost.

RY 724
A cure for the Great Contagion is found. Creation’s known population is now under 300,000 between the known living cities.
The remaining Solars decide to use Spire of Divergent Dawn’s manse and wyld zone to shift a circle of Solars with the cure to the past. In the hope that this can be prevented before it happens.

RY 730
Fair Folk armies lay siege to Whitewall and Ascension.

RY 732
Contact with Ascension is lost.

RY 733
Contact with Whitewall is lost.
Fair folk armies lay siege to The City Under the Mountain. The reality engines in its depths effectively halt the Fair Folk in their tracks. The city seems capable of withstanding the siege indefinitely.

RY 745
Fair Folk armies lay siege to Spire of Divergent Dawn. The reality engines surrounding the city stop them as they did in The City Under the Mountain.

RY 750
Construction of the final phase of the structure inside of the wyld zone is begun.

RY 766
Construction of the final phase complete. All the raw untamed chaos can now be focused into a specially designed sphere in a room above the wyld zone. Allowing a circle of exalts to shift backwards to before the Great Contagion strikes.

RY 767
Communication with The City Under the Mountain is lost.

RY 768
Fair Folk armies press forward to attack the feeder manses.
Fair Folk begin to strain the reality engines. It is decided to send the circle immediately.

(At this point the history above is the only one you know. That will change the first session however.)


Original Timeline

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