Dispossessed Demigods

What happened?

You slowly regain consciousness through bleary eyes and fuzzy thinking.
The room you find yourself in is round and 30 feet in diameter, the ceiling arcs above you in a hemisphere. The walls and floor are crisscrossed with runes and essence circuits.

As your head clears a bit more you become aware of the sound of machinery winding down. The pitch descending from far above hearing range to something perceivable. As it winds down and the pitch drops even further you feel, more than hear the sound.

Around the room are a number of chairs, some filled, some vacant, all evenly spaced surrounding a perfect sphere composed of a dizzying mix of Red, White, Green, Black, and Blue Jade, as well as Orichalcum, Moonsilver, Starmetal, and Soulsteel all surrounded by a thick layer of Adamant that sits atop a slender spire in the middle of the room. The whole sphere is 1.5ft in diameter and it and the spire are slowly withdrawing into a hole in the floor seemingly designed for this purpose.

The chairs have restraining straps that come down down over your shoulders and rest on your chest. Firmly holding you into the chair. Looking around you see three other people all waking up as well… Who are these people? You know their faces, you know they are companions and circle mates… But their names escape you.

Wait… What’s that smell? It reeks of vaporized metal and twisted essence. A deep thud violently bucks the floor and you with it. The room instantly changes from being lit by a gentle neutral light to a deep crimson.

The restraints on your chest and shoulders fall away with several small but sharp cracks as explosive bolts shear the hinges and centers apart harmlessly, freeing you. A door at the side of the room irises open and reveals a long hallway, also bathed in crimson. A series of bight lights set into the floor of the room and hallway start lighting up in sequence, starting from the room and rapidly moving down the hallway in an unmistakable message. “Get out. Go this way.”

Another thud rocks the room again and you hear a loud crack as the sphere on the spire falls to the floor and rolls towards the door.


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