Here we go!

I’m making this page so that we all have an easy central place to look up and store info on the campaign. Who you’ve met, their descriptions/positions/intimacies, any loot or manses you guys pick up, and any investments you guys make.

I’ll probably also use this as a way to pass out info that your characters would know about the world. There’s a lot of stuff in the core book and given how you guys arrive in Creation you won’t have a lot of that latent background knowledge at first.

Anywho. Here it is! I’ll get on it!

Skype seemed to work well for everyone, call quality was nice and clear at least on my end.


3/12: Timelines are up!

5/8: Scouring Gale and Carmine Raven added to the Wiki.

5/9: Spire of the Divergent Dawn added to the Wiki.

Dispossessed Demigods

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