The Current Timeline

The Prehistoric Age

All time before the end of the Primordial War is considered “before history”.
Dragon Kings rule most of Creation, except the West, where they constantly clash with the Lintha.
Jadeborn created

Year 0 (very roughly RY -4,500)
Primordials surrender during Calibration.
Four Primordials remain free: Gaia, Autochthon and two others.
She Who Lives In Her Name burns away “nine out of every 10 important things” in the instants before her imprisonment.

Ocher Fountain Era (Year 1-109)

Year 1
Merela accepts the Crown Of Thunders and the Creation Ruling Mandate. She rules from the Ocher Fountain, a neighborhood of the mortal section of Rathess
Birth of Chejop Kejak
Birth of Tammiz Ushan
Solars begin a rule that lasts for a “timeless age”.

Year 9
Brigid returns to recently founded Sperimin with the secrets of Sorcery.

Year 17
Chejop Kejak exalts amidst fighting between the solars loyal to Merela, the Golden Hero Vassals.

Year 100
Merela decrees the establishment of a central government for all Creation in Meru.

Year 101
Jadeborn-made artifacts begin to deactivate.

Year 108
Deliberative proposed, suggesting all solars be given an equal voice. Merela rejects it.
Meru War begins.

Year 109
Meru War ends with compromise, creating the Deliberative, but with Merela still as queen.
Deliberative demands Autochthon sanction the Jadeborn, or else the Deliberative would go to war against them. The Great Maker responds by placing the Great Geas upon the Jadeborn.

First Deliberative Era (Year 110-652)

Year 110
Deliberative renames Ochre Fountain to the Realm.
Many lunar exalted volunteer to explore the South, West and North.
Human settlement of the Blessed Isle begins.

Year 121
Autochthon departs Creation.

Year 124
Brigid’s student Thesis begins teaching sorcery.

Year 230
Thesis’s student Sonah founds the Sonan School of Sorcery.

Year 449
Sonah’s student Nanica begins teaching sorcery.

circa Year 550 (roughly RY -3,900)
Ascension Day, when the lesser elemental dragons were elevated to the status of gods.

Year 594
Nanica’s student Leelah begins teaching sorcery.

Year 639
Dissolution Invasion begins, with a Fair Folk army seeking to end shape.

Year 652
Dissolution Invasion ends, with the Deliberative throwing back the armies of the Fair Folk.

The Unfurling Horizon Era (Year 653-1215)

Year 653
Deliberative becomes more interested in the Wyld.

Year 700
Leelah’s student Derja founds the Derjan School of Sorcery.

Year 834
Derja’s student Chone begins teaching sorcery.

Year 1039
Brigid vanishes.

Year 1107
One of the free rougue Primordials launches attack at Creation’s heart, starting the Aftershock War.

circa Year 1110
Fair Folk swear oaths granting eclipse caste Solars diplomatic immunity.

Year 1129
Thesis ceases teaching sorcery; joins the Aftershock War.

Year 1130
Sonah vanishes in search of Brigid.

Year 1199
Nanica dies in Primordial assault on Sperimin.
Leelah ceases teaching sorcery, joins Aftershock War.

Year 1205
Exaltations of Brigid and Sonah reincarnate.

Year 1215
Theis and Leelah die in final assault against Primordial forces.
Aftershock War ends.

The Shining Reflection Era (Year 1216-1721)

Year 1238
Chone’s student Halleus begins teaching sorcery.

circa Year 1300
Solar fashion dictates wearing and using items only made by ones self.

Directional languages (e.g. earthtongue, flametongue, etc.) intentionally developed, replacing Old Realm in mortal lands. Languages included built-in thaumaturgical prayers, acting to stabilize Creation.

Year 1439
Chone transfers all students to Halleus, ceases teaching sorcery, shifts focus to magitech engineering.

circa Year 1650 (roughly RY -2,800)
The Kukla becomes the first greater elemental dragon and is promptly bound by the Unconquered Sun.

Year 1676
Halleus’ student Kemal begins teaching sorcery.

Year 1721
14th Ascending Wood: Death of Facet Raven, the first solar to die of old age.

The Thousand Struggles Era (Year 1722-2543)

Year 1734
Rose PetalT ea stages military attack on Bor Zan’s prefecture, killing him.

Year 1762
Rival kills Chone and Derja.
Kemal’s student Hano assumes teaching duties at the Derjan College.

Year 1807
Birth of Ingosh Silverclaws.

Year 1827
Just after Calibration, a solar circle called the White Jade Feather Society violate oaths to attack rivals within Meru. Within six months, Deliberative attendance ends, with many fleeing Meru entirely.

Year 1946
Snow Period begins, where no celestial exalted fight one another, despite constant expectation of conflict.

Year 1983
Hano’s student Devon founds the Devonian School of Sorcery.

Year 2046
Snow Period ends.

Time of Cascading Years (Year 2325-2543)

Year 2325
Time becomes subjective, with different locations experiencing different durations. This era is measured from when this time split started to when it ended and time become universally applied again. Convention holds that this period is “officially counted” as 217 years long, but this a mostly arbitrary decision based on the time reference of the historians doing the labeling. To some, the period lasts a single afternoon.

Heaven’s timeline
For heaven and all immaterial spirts, no time passes.

After 1,000 subjective years: Era ends.

Year 2543
All survivors of this era, including Dragon-Blooded, all remember personally performing some notable task that restores Creation to its rightful configuration.

Souls of 73 celestial exalted who died during the era, including Halleus, reincarnate.

The Second Deliberative Era

Year 2544
The Period of Long Silence begins, where few exalted conflicts occur and not much research either.

Year 2626
The Period of Long Silence ends.

Year 2678
Deliberative reestablished.

Year 2730
Treaty of Limbs ratified.

Year 2758
Kemal dies of old age.

Year 2931
Devon incinerates his books, retires from public life and gifts his sorcerous academy at Sperimin to Hano’s student Salina.
Salina founds Salinan School of Sorcery.

Year 3125
Hano’s student Silur founds the Silurian School of Sorcery, ostensibly to revive the traditions of Brigid.

Year 3193
I AM activated.

Era of Dreams (Year 3204-3516)

Year 3204
I AM transmission network established.

Year 3255
Birth of Leviathan.

Year 3275
Exaltation of Leviathan.

Year 3280
Anonymous Silurian sorcerer begins distributing the Abscissic Guide to summoning demons.

Year 3366
Black Nadir Concordat emerges from the Underworld with the secrets of Necromancy.

Year 3491
Deliberative votes in favor of Operation Wyldhand.

Year 3493
Operation Wyldhand begins. (Lands of Creation, pg. 19)

Year 3494
Operation Wyldhand ends. (Lands of Creation, pg. 19)

Year 3516 (roughly RY -933)
The “present” for Dreams of the First Age campaigns.

circa RY -800
The Unconquered Sun gets angry at the Solar Deliberative and turns his face from the Solar Exalted.

Usurpation & Shogunate

(Note to players. Here is where the current timeline and the one your characters know diverges. Click Original Timeline to see what your characters remember. It will pick up at this point.)
circa RY -750
The Usurpation, followed by “decades” of war to exterminate the Solars.

circa RY -700
Start of the Shogunate Era

circa RY -405
Swan Dragon becomes Censor for the South.

circa RY -5
The arrival of the Great Contagion.

RY -1
The Seventh Legion encamps in Deheleshen (the future site of Lookshy)

The Second Age

RY 0
Also known as The Year of Seven Tigers.
The Empress founds the Realm.

The Great Contagion ends.

RY 20
Lookshy is founded on the ruins of Deheleshen.

RY 38
The core of the Realm ministries is in place by this year.

RY 45
Realm agents make first contact with Scavenger Lands cities, persuading some to swear fealty to the Empress; most cities refuse.

RY 47
First invasion of the Scavenger Lands by the Realm. The invading force is the Fourth Imperial Legion.

RY 52
Council of Entities takes control of Nexus.

RY 53
Fourth Imperial Legion withdraws from the Scavenger Lands to its allied cities on the coast.

RY 75
Second Realm invasion of the Scavenger Lands begins, with four legions as the invasion force.
Lookshy besieged by Realm forces
Nexus occupied by Realm forces; Realm forces are pushed out after several weeks.

RY 76
Realm invasion of the Scavenger Lands continues.
Siege of Lookshy lifted by use of a First Age weapon.
Seventh Legion forces march to Great Forks — or at least, to the conjunction of the Yellow River and the Rolling River where Great Forks will be founded in RY 278 — and destroy the Fourth Imperial Legion there.
Realm forces withdraw from the Scavenger Lands.

RY 83
Realm ships raid merchant vessels of the Scavenger Lands, resulting in privateer campaigns against the Realm by those lands.

RY 88
Third and final invasion of the Scavenger Lands by the Realm, with seven legions. Seventh Legion forces are scattered, but units from Melevhil and Nathir tie up Realm forces. The invaders are harassed by guerrilla forces.

RY 89
Empress’ Own Guard destroyed near Melevhil. The third invasion of the Scavenger Lands is repulsed. General Vondy Beulen of the Realm defects to Lookshy along with several Dragons.

RY 95
The League of Many Rivers is formed by the free cities of the Scavenger Lands as an alliance of mutual aid and support. Members include Lookshy, Nexus, Sijan, and others.

RY 99
Brem Marst founds the Guild.

RY 103
The Deliberative of the Realm is created.

RY 104-109
Coastal states of the Scavenger lands join the League of Many Rivers.

RY 114
An assassination attempt on the Empress fails.
The Empress takes the noble Rawar of Arjuf as a husband.

RY 117
The Guild moves its operations to Nexus.

RY 139
Ragara is born to the Empress and Rawar of Arjuf.

RY 146
Bagrash Köl founds a kingdom in the North

RY 174
The Nine Duchies rebellion against the Realm. The Empress discovers Guild involvement after the rebellion is crushed.
The Guild withdraws from Bagrash Köl’s kingdom.

RY 176
Bagrash Köl’s kingdom comes to a sudden end.

RY 179
Bram Marst dies.

RY 211
The Delzahn horde conquers Chiaroscuro.

RY 223
By this year, most of the Threshold — those nations on the shore of the Inland Sea — is under Realm control. Exceptions include the Scavenger Lands and a few others.

RY 244
House Manosque attempts a coup in the Realm.

RY 263
Tensions increase between the Laris and Velen districts in the Scavenger Lands.

RY 265
Tensions between the Laris and Velen districts in the Scavenger Lands erupt into a brief war.

RY 270
The Raksha Yseult re-enters Creation.

RY 278
Great Forks is founded.

RY 281
Haltans make a treaty with the Fair Folk.

RY 299
Peasant uprising on the Blessed Isle: Trae Leng’s Revolt.

RY 301
The Realm sends an expedition into the Scavenger Lands, which is quickly crushed by Seventh Legion Forces.

RY 303
House Iselsi attempts a coup in the Realm.

RY 318
The Outcaste Dragon Blooded Summer Conflagration leads the Linowans in an attack on Halta and is miserably defeated.

RY 326
Peasant uprising on the Blessed Isle: the Vengeful Harvest.

RY 370
The Empress’ husband Rawar of Arjuf is assassinated.

RY 371
The Guild establishes Lord’s Crossing as its hub city in the Realm.

RY 393
The Realm begins taxing the Guild.

RY 416
The Trade War begins between the Realm and the Guild.

RY 418
The Trade War ends with a pseudo-compromise.

RY 435
Arczeckhi Hordes invade the Scavenger Lands; are turned back by Guild mercenaries, Lookshy forces, and Hundred Kingdoms soldiers.

RY 465
Peasant uprising on the Blessed Isle: Unbroken Rushes Rebellion. Lasts until RY 466.

RY 547
Fair Folk invade the Hundred Kingdoms; the League of Many Rivers alliance collapses under the assault.

RY 554
Fair Folk are finally driven from the Hundred Kingdoms.

RY 557
The Confederation of Rivers is created by the major cities of the Scavenger Lands.

RY 563
Beginning of the war between the Fair Folk nobles Slulura and Yseult, in the Northeast. Lasts until RY 568.

RY 568
Creation of the stone forest of the Proving Ground ends the war between Slulura and Yseult.

RY 591
Peasant uprising on the Blessed Isle: Ragara’s Widow’s Uprising.

RY 707
Peasant uprising on the Blessed Isle: Bloodied Scythe Uprising.

RY 708
House V’neef is founded.

RY 750
Thorns attacks the Scavenger Lands.

RY 754
Thorns is defeated by the Confederation of Rivers at Mishaka.

RY 761
Resplendent Air
The Bull of the North attacks the Rokan-jin and Talinin tribes, leading to the war between him and the Realm (specifically the Tepet legions). This war lasts until Ascending Earth RY 764.

RY 762
Ascending Water
War between the Bull of the North and northeastern tribes escalates; the Linowan enter the fray against the Bull.

RY 763
Descending Earth
Linowans request aid from the Realm in their war with the Bull of the North.

Descending Wood
The Tepet legions join the Linowan in their war with the Bull of the North.

Resplendent Fire
The Bull of the North commits completely to the war between his forces and the Realm in the Northeast.

The Empress disappears.

RY 764
Council of the Empty Throne elects Regent Fokuf to “reign” over the Realm.
Thorns is conquered by the Mask Of Winters.

Ascending Air
Battle of Krellen Ford
The Bull of the North’s forces retreat from Krellen Ford, but devastate their Tepet pursuers after receiving reinforcements.

Resplendent Air
Battle of Ironthorn Forest.

Ascending Water
Battle of Fallen Lapis.

Resplendent Water
Tepet forces begin retreat from the Bull of the North.

Ascending Earth
Last of the Tepet legions in the Northeast are destroyed in the Battle of Futile Blood.

RY 768
Present year.

The Current Timeline

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